Water-resistant Wireless Earbuds

Built to endure the active life, these earbuds are well-constructed and thoughtfully designed. Whether you like to lift, run, or dance, the PH-BTE50 earbuds provide the convenience and motivation you need to meet your fitness goals.

Model #: PH-BTE50

Wireless music streaming + Superior sound quality

These innovative earbuds employ Bluetooth 4.0 technology to stream crystal-clear sound without a physical, wired connection. They capture the high treble and deep bass of your favorite songs with clarity and precision. Also include comfortable ear tips of varying sizes for a customized fit and noise-isolating properties.

Designed and tested for the active lifestyle

We know your workouts can get sweaty. The PH-BTE50 earbuds were specifically made to handle a little sweat, so you can focus on crushing that last rep or crossing the finish line with time to spare. They’re constructed with sturdy, yet lightweight materials for long-lasting comfort and durability. If you like to move, the PH-BTE50 is a perfect match.

Built-in mic and controls for ultimate convenience

When your phone is out of reach, you can control your music or take calls using an on-board mic and buttons. Physical controls on the PH-BTE50 earbuds allow you to change the volume, play and pause your music, and answer the phone without skipping a beat.

Hours of streaming on a single charge

The PH-BTE50 earbuds feature a long-lasting, rechargeable battery that delivers up to 8 hours of uninterrupted playtime per charge. That’s enough time for multiple workouts, or even a full marathon. When these earbuds run out of juice, power them up again with a USB port on your laptop, car charger, or wall charger.