Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Cyren combines high-end stereo sound with portability, letting you enjoy your music wirelessly anywhere you want. This tiny but powerful speaker can fill any room with rich audio.

Model #: PH-BT1000

Wireless phone calls

Enjoy the convenience of hands free conversations at the push of a button. The Cyren is equipped with a built in microphone and speakerphone that allows you to seamlessly answer incoming calls through a Bluetooth connections.

Rechargable & Portable

The Cyren was built to travel with you, and that means it can charge anywhere, too. The speaker comes with a USB charging cable that connects to a number of ports. You can recharge the Cyren's lithium ion battery with your computer, battery pack, car charger, or simply by plugging it into the wall.

Dynamic Sound

Equipped with two 40mm drivers, the Cyren boasts enhanced bass for roaring sound. Don't be afraid to pump it up when the party gets going - this speaker has what it takes to deliver sound at serious volumes.