Rugged and water resistant portable external battery charger

The Bolt can endure most adventurers' demanding conditions. With a proven rating of IP-65 the Bolt can easily survive a drop in the mud, sand, dirt or water.

Model #: PH-BOLT9000

Powerful, rugged construction for tough environmen

This rugged portable battery is made to handle an adventure. With a proven IP rating of 65, The Bolt is dust proof and water resistant. That means it can easily survive a drop in the dirt or water. Its heavy-duty construction is great for hikers, skiers, and even construction workers as well as everyday users.

Ultra high capacity keeps you powered up for days

The Bolt packs a whopping 9000 mAh of power that will keep most mobile devices charged to full capacity, many times over. A truly multifunctional charger, the Bolt will power everything from your smartphone and tablet, to your Bluetooth headphones and e-reader. Best of all, it will hold its charge for 6 whole months.

Dual ports for optimal charging

The Bolt features two USB ports with different outputs, so you can charge your devices as fast as possible. The 2.1A port is ideal for tablets, while the 1A port is perfect for smartphones. A built-in safety protection system will protect all devices from overcharge, short circuit and overvoltage while charging.