6 Port USB Rapid Charger

With a total of 6 USB ports and a total output of 60 watts, this charger is optimized to charge any USB device. It will reduce the clutter of tangled cords and chargers in your home or office, and it's perfectly-sized for travelers.

Model #: PH-60W

6 ports 60 watts of power. Smart, Convenient, Fast

Intelligent Charging PortS

Auto detect technology instantly identifies your device and adjusts the power output for safe and efficient charging.

Charge 6 devices at once

Six unique charging ports makes it easy to charge up multiple devices without wasting space.

Rapid charging

Charges your devices quickly, so you can spend less time by the outlet.

Compatible with all power hungry devices

Faster charging. All at once.

With a 60 watt capacity and six unique charging ports, this charger is fast and efficient. It allows you to charge up to six different devices simultaneously, regardless of how much power each device needs. Best of all, it only utilizes a single outlet.

*Compare to charging via a computer USB port